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Tips, Ethical and Legal Ways to Make Money with Proxies

The primary use of proxies, the reason as to why many have purchased proxies, is to enable them browse the internet with their identities hidden. All in all, the proxies happen to be an ideal alternative for the need to browse the internet with your identity kept secret and so private for the fact that with them you get to do all you do online while hiding behind a proxy IP address. When you using a proxy, your identity and privacy are all secured and at the same time protected for the fact that you get the protection from the wall, known as the proxy.

One bit that has however been lost to many proxy owners is the fact that with their proxies, they actually stand such a good chance to make some bucks on the side with the very same proxy asset in their possession. As strange as it may sound, the reality is that if you use the proxies wisely and properly, you indeed can benefit from them financially.

Never be discouraged by the fact that you will require some technical knowledge for you to achieve this, for the fact is that this is not as hard at the end of the day, for with perseverance, hard work and determination to your course, you will be sure on your way to making some handsome earnings from the proxies at the end of the day. If you are wondering how you can make money, ethically, legally and in an acceptable manner, from your proxies, this article gives in the lines that follow some of the greatest ways that you can get to make money from the proxies that you own and use for browsing the internet.

First is the idea of creating a public proxy server with Ads. Open your eyes to the fact that proxies are essentially a tool that are used by people to browse the internet while hiding their identity and IP addresses. As such if you own a batch of proxies, then you can well set up your own public proxy that can be used by anybody and then have their adverts from which you will earn from the clicks and the other activities there are on the ad.

The other great idea when it comes to the need to make some money on the side with the use of the proxies you have bought is using the Search Engine Results Page, SERP, Tracker for Google Rankings. Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, has sent all businesses online seeking to ensure that they are ever on top of the search engines results pages. You can as such help with the need for keyword position scraping in the end achieving keyword positions and rankings and as a matter of fact, this is actually hot cake information in the highly competitive business world.

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