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Reasons for the Creation of Vertical Gardens

Growing plants vertically is a method mostly practised in areas where there is limited space. Plants are said to be vertical if they are not in directed contact with soil and instead go up being supported by structures. This method is mostly used with vegetables and fruits like cucumbers and passion fruits because they are easy to cultivate this way besides been able to better utilize adequate sunlight acquired. There are other advantages that can be derived from the growing of plants vertically.

Prevents against disease infestation. Because plants grown vertically are kept away from direct contact with the ground, there is a less chance of coming into contact with pests which lead to diseases. Plants infested with pests and other weeds are better managed because spread is halted before too much damage is done. Because of their upwards growth, plants also have better access to rain, dew and fresh air further enhancing growth which in turn leads to better yields. Plants that grow vertically require a support system so that they don’t fall onto the ground.

Prevents against intrusion. If the plant is adequately situated, it can create a barrier to prevent strangers from accessing your home or too much sunlight penetrating through. So that unsightly items are kept at bay, it is a good idea if you plant a vertical garden around the area. Vertical gardens insulate against too loud noise that may be causing disturbance in addition to creating an attractive view. Rain water is collected in the growing structures reducing running water on the ground.

Saves on space. Because of limited space in towns, home owners can grow crops along their fences, house walls and sheds. The small space that is conserved to grow plants vertically is used to increase diversity of crops.

Cultivation is convenient. Considering the plants are on a high level watering is made simple. Vertical plant roots are easily identified and water is only put on the right spot. Harvesting is made an interesting task as you simply walk around picking produce from the garden. Following the simplified process in gardening, it becomes an enjoyable task.

Improves the quality of air. If the plant is hanging in the middle of the room or right on the window sill it improves the quality of air significantly. This is as plants take in carbon dioxide and other pollutants and release oxygen in turn. Consequently, people who breathe fresh air are healthier.

Unwanted raw materials can be used. Vertical gardens use plastic bottles, unwanted pots to grow crops. These materials are often disposed incorrectly and can be an environmental hazard. If such practise is encouraged, less environmental pollution would be witnessed.

There is beauty in Vertical plants. Usually not all parts of the plant are visible at the same time. Plants that are grown on trellises also provide shade that would not be available elsewhere.

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